Keller Art Glass


Jerry has been creating in the medium of glass for 37 years, and sees his life’s work as growing more fertile as the years pass by and his expertise and knowledge increase.  Starting with photography in the early 60’s, he parlayed this experience with his knowledge of sandblasting of glass, and was fortunate enough to have shared his information with a partner, that went on to create the technique of photosandblasting, which is now the industry standard.   This technique was used for the Vietnam War Memorial, and was the way this Memorial could be created both precisely and cost effectively.   This technique is now used throughout the glass industry as the gold standard.

Along with his knowledge of computers, Jerry is now able to render almost any graphic image into a sandblasted piece of glass, from his varied elements of expertise in the field.

Recently, he was chosen to create two of the first 25 guitars for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Charity Event – Cleveland Rocks! with his striking designs for hot guitars.   He has also created a  line of glass guitars, to complement the Rock Hall’s collection.

Jerry has helped create and/or specified most of the equipment in his studio, working with craftsman capable of producing the machines to his standards.   He has been involved in the custom designing and fabrication of his sandblaster, etching booth,and beveling equipment, so that they would perform to the standards he feels are necessary to create the works he is striving to achieve.

His works are in collections throughout the United States and abroad, and he has created pieces for many of today’s famous stars,   including Michael Jordan, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry King, Tim Russert, Paul McCartney, and Edward Norton.

Commercially, he has done extensive work for the  Cleveland Cavaliers, and has etched glass signage at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, along with a 14ft x 7 ft map of the world at MSNBC, Rockefeller Center,  Jerry has won craftsmanship awards from the cleveland Builder’s Exchange, and was chosen to have work in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

His works can be seen at his studio/gallery – Keller Art Glass – in historic Little Italy, in Cleveland, Ohio. 216-721-0314.


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Keller Art Glass is a decorative art glass studio, creating one-of-a-kind works of art in glass, metals, and other materials, since 1973. Our work incorporates both residential, commercial, and liturgical projects.

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2151 Murray Hill Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
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